Monday, November 15, 2010

Welcome to The B & B!

In September, I was blessed to move in with an amazing roommate & friend, Rebekah! We have been having so much fun together and I can't believe how perfectly the whole situation has worked out. I met Rebekah at church, but recognized her from UMC, where she is also a nurse. Thankfully, we are quite a bit alike and so moving in together was perfect! I wanted to show all of you who are not in town, a little virtual tour of my new house. It has been such a blessing to see how our little house just fell into place... all of our furniture and decor match each other's perfectly, all we had to buy was a few pillows and a rug! 

We have named our little house "The B&B", mostly because we want people to feel welcome and comfortable here, and also because its like a quaint little cottage... hence "The B&B". With that said.....
Welcome to The B&B!
This picture is of our front door and a wreath we made for fall! 

First stop is the entryway....

And then on to the living room/dining room, which looks out through a wall of windows to the arizona room (screened in porch) and patio. 

The screened in porch is SO nice this time of year... we eat out there a lot, and its also a really nice place to read and journal. I love having outdoor space!! 

The patio is also very nice and the best part is the spiral staircase on the left that leads up to the roof.... for a little rooftop terrace!

The view from the top!

Here is the dining room... where we have bible study every wednesday afternoon!

Next up is our kitchen, where Rebekah and I cook all the time! Rebekah is turning me into quite the little cook! We can't get enough olive oil, balsalmic vinegar, salt, and mozzarella (these are the habits I brought back from Italy :) ! 

Now on to Rebekah's room... so cute with all the ruffles and flowers! We really do have similar taste!

Finally, my room! I love it so much, it is such a relaxing little haven! I am so excited to have a queen bed after 5 years of a lil twin! As a side note, the two nightstands, my daddy and I refurnished together (ok...he did most of it). Also the hope chest at the foot of my bed is extra special because I bought it for $25 at a garage sale and my dad completely redid it and now its absolutely beautiful!

Well, thats about it! Of course I am so thankful for such a cute house, but the best part of this new living arrangement is Rebekah and the fellowship we have together as roommates! Please come by anytime, our door is always open!


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  1. I LOOOOVEEE IT!!!! It is so precious and adorable!! You two did such a great job putting everything together!! And a rooftop terrace... well you know how i feel about those. And you're room is just perfect!! I HAVE to come visit!