Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Psalm 119: 33-37

"Teach me, O Lord, the way set out in thy statues,
    and in keeping them I shall find my reward." 
Teach me Your way Lord, because I know if I follow your instructions, 
  I will receive the good things you have planned for me. 

"Give me the insight to obey thy law
   and to keep it with all my heart."
God give me wisdom as to how I can obey You
  and be faithful with all my heart in this obedience. 

"Make me walk in thy path of thy commandments
    for that is my desire."
I want to follow You, Lord.

"Dispose my heart toward thy instruction
    and not toward ill-gotten gains;"
Protect my heart from the selfish motives and methods,
  only acting as your example teaches.

"Turn my eyes from all that is vile,
    grant me life by thy word."
Turn me away from the darkness of this world and
   grant me a life that is full of Your light. 

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